it's open source have fun

fun fact: the licence is Quebec Bill 101-compatible

Multitasking is mostly complete, I just need to write a getc syscall that works well with the new threading system and I'm getting a shell working.

Hey, while loops works now, since every process is now in its own thread.

So I wrote a small operating system in Javascript that runs programs written in C compiled to WebAssembly. JS side exposes a VT100 terminal (maybe a GUI later), syscalls that the C program imports, then runs its exported main function. Processes works (since JS is all async), only problem are while loops.

While loops are a bitch in Javascript. No Emscripten, though, wanna keep it simple for now.

For real, I got my 18 yo brother to vote for the first time and my mom to vote for the first time since times immemorial. You have a candidate that makes sense to you in your area and could realistically win, go vote for them and get the word out like if your life depends on it.

protip: if your project involves getting something to run doom, save that for last.

as soon as you make it run doom, you're gonna spend a lot of time "testing"

I was kinda bummed this morning cause of a bunch of problems this morning, but there's a big meme page on Facebook who posted my meme (they asked and credited don't worry) and it made my day.

Kind of stuff that makes me happy despite all the problems in the world.

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Another thing I like with this that you won't get on other social networks. it's kinda building your own house, it's a bit more maintainance, but you have the impression you've built something for yourself, that you can customize however you want, and you still can connect with the neighbours so you don't have to start your userbase from scratch.

time, I guess, for those who care.

My main job is being a sysadmin and back-end developer, I'm one of the admins at @codewalrus (a forum for retro and weird system game developers), I'm writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel called Zarmina (my profile and cover pictures are the main characters, basically magical cats from outer space), and I'm getting good at drawing anime girls (although these pics on said pfp/cover weren't drawn by me). If you like these things, follow me and have fun!

>getting dissatisfied with Facebook and Twitter
>unused, but cool domain name is almost expiring
>let's put Mastodon on it and hope I'm not going to let it rot like half of the other things I do

Well, it's going good so far.

Trying to stick around this time, and actually maintain this website. Meanwhile, I want you all to meet Yuki. Say hi to her.

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