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Also for the bunch of furries who welcomed me, this server isn't particularly aimed at furries, but its admin (which is probably the only one active so far) definitely is one.

I'm gonna talk a lot about development of my book, Zarmina (which you can read the first chapter on in French and English), you guys might like it, it has a lot of magic anthropomorphic animals from outer space, so if it's your thing, follow me :)

Thanks for your warm welcomes, very appreciated :)

dammit, I accidentally made a subleq cpu emulator in node.js

will post source soon

I wonder if I should make a Masto/Pleroma instance for the local furry community in Quebec

that'd be either nice or horrible

[slides into your DMs]

[misjudges the distance and embarrassingly ends the slide a few feet in front of your DMs]


(reply one decimal at a time, wonder how long this could keep without anyone getting it wrong)

I don't really have anything planned for Pi Day this year, so have a video of Siri reciting decimals of Pi for 10 hours I made 2 years ago, which might also double as a tribute to Stephen Hawking?

Speaking of memcached, don't even try to DDoS us, I thought of everything, we're not making _that_ error

memcached is not made to be listening on the public IP, firewall it if you must but keep that on, 192.168/16, 10/8 or whatever range you're using

Today in a new episode of I misconfigured memcached so the PHP sessions would go faster but our in-house framework is so weird we didn't noticed it for a week and we found out there was a bug even if it was configured correctly

The joys of programming everyone

Dammit I'm imagining a scenario that have no chance to happen again

If you insult me because you use Tor or you're in some place somewhere in Asia who need to be behind at least 7 NATs because of a shortage of IPv4 addresses and my websites don't work for you then I know exactly how to insult you back, though

hot take about ads, part 3 w/ full disclosure Show more

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Someone bought Black Cherry Cott today

This gonna be a good day

Scary thought of the day: We live on a timeline where Microsoft buying Canonical would actually make sense

This guy is sending me a message every night on Discord telling me (in an approximate French) my Minecraft server (which also hosts this Mastodon instance) didn't break or caught fire today, how nice of him

me: removes second hard drive that obviously isn't needed to boot the computer
systemd: emergency mode lol, won't let you boot that, oh and you haven't set a password to the root account so not even a shell, get fucked
me: what the fuck systemd

this doesn't need repeating but I will do it here (caps) Show more

Imagine a world without labels.

You go to enter your name but you can't find the name field because it's not labelled and also you don't have a name because you're not labelled.

Also there's no word for names because "name" is also a label.

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