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Also for the bunch of furries who welcomed me, this server isn't particularly aimed at furries, but its admin (which is probably the only one active so far) definitely is one.

I'm gonna talk a lot about development of my book, Zarmina (which you can read the first chapter on in French and English), you guys might like it, it has a lot of magic anthropomorphic animals from outer space, so if it's your thing, follow me :)

Thanks for your warm welcomes, very appreciated :)

Thing is, the CPU is $1000 and if you want a PC-like motherboard with it it's another $2000, not counting the peripherals, better buy the latest gaming PC with a RTX 2080 at that price lol

I want to build a RISC-V in one of these cases I accumulated over time

Like you'd think it's a normal x86 PC but nah, it's one of those things that can't run Windows or anything but obscure Linux distros based on Debian that one random guy run in his free time

I should add more walruses

also probably get @djomnimaga to toot more because of more walruses

Includes a whooping 494 emojis for both the small and the large font included with the Z80 line of TI calculators! Every character is there!

Alright here's the TI-83 Plus emoji pack

Import it with this command:

bin/tootctl emoji import \
--unlisted \
--prefix ti83 \

Of course, credit where credit is due: Texas Instruments, TI-Basic Developer and myself.

Have fun!

I want to start a peertube instance with a bunch of potentially illegal content

what name should I give it

and is it okay if I upload content potentially under copyright

Hi Fediverse anyone be my valentine this year?

Just asking.

Of course it's the kind of group they had at least 6 posts a day asking why there's an error on mysql_connect, plus 3 posts where the solution is that they forgot a very obvious semi-colon in your face, and it took at least 3 major versions so that most people figured it out and it became less annoying

These groups are fun.

Reminds me of the usual bullshit that happens in a popular PHP group on Facebook

Some guy being like, look at my script on my GitHub for calculating sunset and sunrise

Sure enough it's 4 lines of code using the built-in functions presented as if he wrote the algorithm himself

Why does PHP have built-in functions for that, though

I do think it's pretty cool, though

I was messing up with FL Studio and I accidentally managed to make it send MIDI messages to Munt

For once something I want works and I do it unexpectedly

Screw MP3 or FLAC, listening to my MIDI files through ADLMIDI or Munt (a Roland MT-32 emulator) is the best.

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