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Also for the bunch of furries who welcomed me, this server isn't particularly aimed at furries, but its admin (which is probably the only one active so far) definitely is one.

I'm gonna talk a lot about development of my book, Zarmina (which you can read the first chapter on in French and English), you guys might like it, it has a lot of magic anthropomorphic animals from outer space, so if it's your thing, follow me :)

Thanks for your warm welcomes, very appreciated :)

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Mastodon 2.7.0 looks fun let's upgrade y'all

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Y'a à peu près 4 Québécois sur le Fediverse pi là-dedans y'en a un qui post régulièrement en français

Ça prend plus de Québécois

Je viens de réaliser que j'ai aucun skill en marketing

ugh, this server is so instable I probably should do something eventually

I have a Patreon if y'all wanna help

I should theme this instance a bit, what about it?

how do you get a girlfriend

oh wait this isn't google

okay google how do you get a girlfriend

Welp, looks like I have a sister-in-law now.


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I'm getting calls from my friends to fix these "smart TV" dongles. Never show anybody you have a grasp of technology. Never.

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Le Bye bye 2018 brise le record de La petite vie… Le plus récent Bye bye a battu son propre record de cotes d'écoute ainsi que le « record absolu de l'auditoire francophone de la télévision », avec 4 410 000 téléspectateurs, a indiqué Radio-Canada, mercredi.… —

Oh wait, that figure is about data loss, not uptime

They say they're probably gonna lose one of your files only every 600000 years or so

Well that makes sense now

(pretty sure that company won't last that long, lol)

I feel like writing to Wasabi and ask them how the hell they came up with that many nines in their 99.999999999% figure

Not that I hate them, it's a lovely service and I don't need that many nines anyway, but still, it's kinda weird

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Guess what the Zarmina natives call their planet.


I just realised I introduced a plot twist in Zarmina way earlier than I thought... Oh well, why not?

@amphetamine TIL (from wikipedia):

"An Easter egg is present on the Apple II floppy disk release. Though claimed to be sold as a single-sided disk, the reverse side of the disk included a full version of the game that would be rendered upside-down on the player's monitor. According to Mechner, this was done as a joke, causing naive users to call tech support and ask why the game was upside-down. Invariably, those users would receive the reply, 'take the disk out, insert it right-side up, and reboot.'"

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