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Also for the bunch of furries who welcomed me, this server isn't particularly aimed at furries, but its admin (which is probably the only one active so far) definitely is one.

I'm gonna talk a lot about development of my book, Zarmina (which you can read the first chapter on in French and English), you guys might like it, it has a lot of magic anthropomorphic animals from outer space, so if it's your thing, follow me :)

Thanks for your warm welcomes, very appreciated :)

I just noticed I made a typo on the domain name, lol, but I bet you know what I'm talking about.

Oh well, that notice was invalid as soon as I posted it, but eh, still valid in case another instance does the same thing.

Oh wait, nevermind, just as I posted this the admin said they're going to fix that. Thanks, @admin !

All media will now automatically be posted as ‘sensitive’!

That instance looks like they didn't get how the fediverse works. I mean, I get it, they don't want to CW their porn to their own users, but I'm not sure they get the fact it's getting on every instance untagged too and people might not want that.

I don't because no one complained about it on my instance yet and I usually don't care until someone does, but for other instances where someone might care you might want to hide it from your fediverse view.

Hey la fediverse francophone, si vous voulez soutenir un bon comic sur un cône orange de Montréal, allez soutenir ça :) Il reste 5 jours et l'auteure est à ça d'atteindre le 100%!

Sinon, allez regarder le comic, ça s'appelle Ponto et c'est un cône orange adorable qui travaille à Montréal :)

J'ai désactivé tous les relais qui étaient actifs sur mon instance et j'en ai créé un :

Bienvenue aux instances :mastodon: :pleroma: francophones!

#MastoAdmin #MastoAdmins #Relay

I almost never change my desktop backgrounds, but eh. Changed one of them so I can have both of my waifus.

Also my screens are so HUGE

Oh hey, Dave Rodgers accepted my friend request on Facebook

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Okay so the server ran out of disk space and everything broke as usual


New blog post about Zarmina, its inspirations and the messages it gives. That was a lot of words.

I think there's a difference between bad code written by a beginner and intentionally bad code written by an expert.

I do the latter and the reviews range from genius to what the hell is that and why the hell you do this.

And I like this.

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