Alright, the media for this instance is uploading to DigitalOcean Spaces using s3cmd (because I already use spaces on DO so it's virtually free for the first 250 GB or so and it's less pricey anyway), it's gonna take literally almost FOREVER

Oh well, gonna leave this for the night and hope this thing isn't gonna run out of space again tomorrow

It's like 80 GB worth of shitty jpegs not even 1 MB in size and this instance was around for like 3-4 months or so, what the hell, fediverse

@Juju For the same price /mo Wasabi offers 1tb of space + unlimited inbound and outbound traffic and it's S3 compatible.

@Admin For real? Gotta try that right now, thanks!

@Admin Oh yeah, this is definitely better and cheaper than anything I looked at so far.

Also ping fellow admin @manu cause I heard he had the same problem as me :)

@Juju @Admin I thought Wasabi was something everyone knew about...

@sjw @Admin Not me, apparently. Maybe I did, but it was at a time I didn't really needed object storage yet.

@Juju @Admin If I need object storage I'll probably just roll my own.

@sjw @Admin Yeah, but usually providers will charge you for the entire block of storage and not for what you use of it. This is where object storage gets useful, it's virtually unlimited and you only pay for what you use.

@Juju @sjw
With wasabi I have to point out that it's fixed rate of 4.99 untill you hit over 1TB, which then charges you according to the space you use. I thought that was important to know.


@Admin @sjw Oh yeah, so they charge you a minimum of $5, I see.

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