@sean @kaniini @lain First of all: MyFreeCams have a Pleroma/Masto instance? And second, there's a desktop app for Pleroma and Mastodon on

This is hilarious.

@Juju @lain @kaniini I love that it says "an app for Pleroma/Mastodon"

Pleroma got top billing there!

@sean @lain @kaniini We have a serious contender for App of the Year 2019 here just for that.

@Juju @kaniini @lain "The premier Pleroma app that not a single member of their team developed in the slightest!"
@sean @Juju @lain

well that's not entirely accurate. to my knowledge, they are working to enhance support for Pleroma features in those apps.
@kaniini @Juju @lain I'm just praying that PornHub starts experimenting with PeerTube soon.

@sean @lain @kaniini I'd like to see PornHub's millions of videos federating with the relatively few PeerTube videos in comparaison. We'll get flooded with porn, lol.

@Juju @kaniini @lain as long as they tag their videos as NSFW, or PeerTube gets an MRF module, things will be okay.
@Juju @kaniini @lain "gee, this network has nothing but porn and public domain movies...



THIS IS GREAT! :blobowo:

@kaniini @lain @sean Well, at least that, it's not like those apps who act like Mastodon is the only thing in the fediverse.

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