Hey guys, I'm back on Masto, I randomly checked and it's working again and I have no idea what I did other than maybe accidentally upgrading node.js in an apt-get update

Reminder that Homestar Runner predicted Pickle Rick back in 2007

zsh's been my login shell on my Mac before Apple made it default on MacOS 10.15


For the first time since Mac OS X 10.3, Apple have changed the default shell! Starting in 10.15, it’ll be zsh instead of bash. (It will be unchanged for existing accounts.) support.apple.com/en-ca/HT2080

@wowaname downtime... yeah like that time my VPS crashed all the time then once I upgraded to Mastodon 2.7 the problem mysteriously disappered

@wowaname most of them don't want to sell to troublemakers so yeah, they'll love it if you help them

@wowaname Last time it happened to me a few years ago my provider was unable to get it unnullrouted and had to get the IP changed

It kinda sucked

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Fun fact: I bought SBCG4AP on Steam on an impulse the other day just because they were removing Telltale's games on GOG and I wanted to play them again after 10 years

Trying to not cheat by checking the walkthrough on HRWiki but doing it anyway

@ben pretty sure I saw that with clicker/idle games

@Sapphicgiraffic @ben we even see him replying to Strong Bad's emails on his Lappy

he doesn't even make fun of the sender's name

@ben @Sapphicgiraffic yeah, that's pretty much the last thing in the game, you play as the King of Town and you have to get through the Homestarmy

you have to win it, though

@ben @Sapphicgiraffic yup, you actually find out the original sender of the sbemail at the beginning was actually the King of Town and it was just a ruse

you also get to be the King of Town but it's boring so you let the original King of Town win his castle back and repeal the tax through reverse psychology

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