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>joining a random Discord server I've been randomly PM'd about
>be made admin of it
>still don't know what it's about nor the person who made me admin

good day.

#mastoadmins followup re: account registration spam: looks like all the spam account emails point to the same MX server, if you add this domain to the email blacklist, it should prevent any email whose domain has an MX record pointing there.

tl;dr: add to your email blacklist, it should prevent most of these spam registrations

I probably should put up a list of everyone I blocked on this instance

which is so far pretty much no one except a bunch of spam IPs

well, no one on my instance complained so far, so yeah

Looks like I have no new spam signups since this night, guess it worked. Reposting this link for you non-nightowls out here, and if you want a list of IPs, just ask away.

Followup from my last few toots, I've written a full tutorial, instance admins might want to do this.

I retooted in my last few retoots how to do ban these IPs on , but you might want to check for false positives first, who knows.

hey #mastoadmins, i've been seeing a lot of spam registrations over on M.O. is a username that seems like it's a bunch of randomly selected syllables strung together, a display name that's Firstname Lastname (seems to be from real people on fedi in some cases), and an email that's <username> @ one of these domains:

they haven't done anything yet other than confirm their accounts, including follow anyone other than the default follows, but watch out in case they do

Instance admins: Run this to get a list of IPs you should ban:

whois -i admin-c,tech-c GS19550-RIPE | grep inetnum | cut -f9- -d" " | sed "s/ //g" | xargs -n1 ipcalc -rn | grep -v deaggregate

Here's a slightly revised CIDR list that seems to cover all the IPs used by the spammers so far:

(some CIDRs are redundant because they're from different sources)

Hopefully that'll do for now.


Definitely looks like a spam campaign. So far all accounts signed up from the same ISP. Here's a script you can paste in your rails console to find all users from IP ranges belonging to that ISP (assuming I didn't miss any):

To get to the rails console, run this in /home/mastodon/live as the mastodon user:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails c

You might also want to temporarily ban those IP ranges if the sign-ups don't stop. I did.


So apparently OVH is next to the 5th biggest power plant in Québec

must be nice to mine bitcoins


(I probably shouldn't say that if I want people to ask me to fix their Wordpress site for $25/h... oh well)


My Wordpess site is broken and I don't feel like fixing it what do

Alternate universe where

- Québec is an independent country with 2 NHL teams
- The Internet is actually a nice place where everyone respects each other

I feel like I'm striken by a curse that everything I do either doesn't work at all or at least doesn't work optimally as I thought it would work

That sucks but at the same time it's like if life wants to defy me at it

Mastodon upgraded to 2.6.2. Have some fun.

I'm bored I probably should install Arch Linux on a toaster or something

I finally remade my blog based on this Write Freely thing and I'm proud of it, go read it

(CW: hot takes on Facebook, ads and everything)

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