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Rule 34 of programming languages: if it exists, someone probably already made a quadratic solver on it

Rule 35 of programming languages: if no one made one yet, you have to make one and post it on

Another of these "I have a really good idea but it ain't giving me any money right now so it's gonna be a side project until this is giving me money" ideas, coming soon to iPhone and Android.

Bought a new router and 100 feet of Ethernet cable today, my Internet is fast again, feels good.

This server turned off for no reason while I was sleeping, nice

Plus, my Internet started going on at less than 1 Mbps and everyone I live with is going to yell at me about that. Everything is in shambles and I feel like everything hates me...

So yeah, this instance is a mess. Either the storage breaks or the VPS fucks up cause I bought the cheapest ones on the market. Shoulda find a solution eventually...

My Wasabi free trial haven't even ran out and they already got 3 crashes in that time, lolwtf

Nice for them to give us a free trial first, though.

Okay, so if data corruption at Wasabi happened... better remove this bold 99.999999999% claim. Or at least remove a bunch of 9's.

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Mastodon 2.7.0 looks fun let's upgrade y'all

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Y'a à peu près 4 Québécois sur le Fediverse pi là-dedans y'en a un qui post régulièrement en français

Ça prend plus de Québécois

Je viens de réaliser que j'ai aucun skill en marketing

ugh, this server is so instable I probably should do something eventually

I have a Patreon if y'all wanna help

I should theme this instance a bit, what about it?

how do you get a girlfriend

oh wait this isn't google

okay google how do you get a girlfriend

Welp, looks like I have a sister-in-law now.


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