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april fools ideas

tired: selling your characters
wired: killing all your characters

Oh, and the bad luck ain't stopping there

Immediately after solving the last issue my grandpa came for a visit

Then he locked his keys inside his car

TIL you can call the taxi to unlock your car

Now on today's episode of why the hell c.n was down:

Service was suspended because the thing thought I didn't paid for it this month while I clearly paid last week

Sent a ticket, quickly resolved the issue, runs just like nothing happened, good

I almost had a heart attack when I saw that

Now to your regularly scheduled programme

Note: Disabled ElasticSearch on this server, seems it does weird stuff to this instance (like the VPS rebooted 5 times in a row for no reason) and the kids on Minecraft keeps complaining about it

Any help is welcome

interesting side effect of the EU's article 13 is that it apparently doesn't include non-profits- which is to say people running federated platforms like mastodon/pleroma, peertube and all that kind of stuff is likely to be exempted from it

That copyright directive reminds me I should move this instance and all of my websites to Canada

Right now they're hosted in the US, France and Germany, all countries with terrible internet laws

But eh, who would know that, unless my providers annoy me about that I'll just treat this as if it's under Canadian law

Also the fact the fediverse is ran by a mob of something like 6000 admins who are mostly for Internet freedom and largely don't know each other, don't think any law could do anything

tired: reading the docs
wired: asking on a Facebook group whose members will inevitably tell you to read the docs

Reminder my blog is on the WriteFreely site, I probably shoulda blog something these days

If it works out I'll probably try out Pleroma instead of Mastodon for them, how about that

I invited the bunch of furries I have on my Facebook on the Fediverse, let's see how it turns out

More news at 11

hot take about blocking people, also subtoot at some people not on here Show more

hot take about blocking people, also subtoot at some people not on here Show more

update: accidentally uploaded the subleq emulator on GitHub and npm last night

dammit, I accidentally made a subleq cpu emulator in node.js

will post source soon

I wonder if I should make a Masto/Pleroma instance for the local furry community in Quebec

that'd be either nice or horrible

[slides into your DMs]

[misjudges the distance and embarrassingly ends the slide a few feet in front of your DMs]

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