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Blasting some late 90s, early 00s rock music on my car radio while discussing about Internet technologies from that era, that's definitely what I call nostalgia

Idée du jour: partir une instance de searx et l'appeler La Toile du Québec

Bonus: acheter les droits et le domaine de chez Québécor

Tout le monde en parle se fait bannir de Twitter

*laughs in Fediverse*

One thing I want to see is WMs like i3 or sway being usable with touch screens

If you add some Android-style controls I think it might work

This is odd, just got an email from half in Catalan, half in French and half in English saying my currently inactive ad I had since a while for apparently links to malicious software now

What's going on, Google?

I should make another implementation of Another Pi Language <> but it's faster except it would support up to 31 trillion digits

Is it me or this Pleroma relay started publicly retooting my toots where it shouldn't?

c.n's server should hopefully be paid until June 27


If it breaks until then this toot constitutes your 3-month advance warning

brb making a kickstarter for no reason but to advertize my mastodon instance

Hot take: Just like the length of the CD audio format is the same length as Beethoven's 9th symphony (allegedly), the ideal maximum fediverse toot length should be the same length as the question of the 1980 referendum on the independence of Quebec, as in, 735 characters.

is the fediverse quiet or it's just Lynne posting a lot lately

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S3 storage for grew up to 210 GB

That's a lot of data

Today the Game Boy turns 30!

To celebrate, I’m finally releasing #WideGB, an emulator modified that peeks beyond the boundaries of Game Boy games.

Happy birthday! 🎂 #retrogaming

Bleh, Wasabi is gonna complain my credit card is full again and will give me only 2 days to fix it, I'm pretty sure

They don't take Paypal nor prepaid cards

did I said I hate capitalism

oh well, pls donate so I can live until I get some more money

I saved like 6.5G on my Arch install on a 30G partition because I didn't cleaned the cache for months and it ran out of space

So yeah, clear your cache y'all

Arch protip: Don't forget to clear out your /var/cache/pacman/pkg once in a while

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This is an instance for those who used to put games and hack on their TI-83+ instead of actually doing their math homework on it back in high school. Those who picked up programming because it's fun. Those who will put their favourite programming languages to creative uses and maybe make up new ones. You are encouraged to show your projects off on this instance and show other users of the fediverse what you're able of.

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