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Texas Instruments Announces New Plug-And-Play TI-83 Classic trib.al/DSJSXhi

Buy Fake EU Passport, UK Fake passport maker, European Real Documents for sale dlvr.it/R6pgVT

Superstar Hero soon on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux dlvr.it/R5g65r

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@GoogleAds@twitter.com @Codewalr_us@twitter.com Note that we're currently not aware of any malicious thing on the site, but if you find anything we'll gladly look at it.

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This is odd, just got an email from @GoogleAds@twitter.com half in Catalan, half in French and half in English saying my currently inactive ad I had since a while for @Codewalr_us@twitter.com apparently links to malicious software now

What's going on, Google?

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Un jeu subtil @NFP_MLP@twitter.com

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Here is a development screenshot of an original title, tentatively titled "DESCENT". It will be a puzzle game where you have to escape prison-like rooms. It's partially based on an old and game I made back in 2017, but it's going to be much larger and better.

My predictions about the Nintendo Switch 2 years after... dlvr.it/R3hb3s

Superstar Hero can now be played from start to finish! dlvr.it/R2y71Q

Been a while we talked about it but we're finally redoing the site

Now with SMF 2.1

Have fun


Symbolibre: open RPi Zero-based graphing calculator... dlvr.it/R2jZw9

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