Double buffering makes program slow & visual artifacts for each render.

I Am... All of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog) -- Metal cover

Heya, check out my new track, a Commodore 64 style song called Lost Decade (a PSOne style version will come out after I get computer access back) . There is also a version that won't be completed, the Room...

Hey everyone! We are only 5 presales away from our goal!
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Thank you for sharing! 🧡

List of consoles that can be legally emulated and dumped without extra hardware reloaded: This time it's a Mastodon instance

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This instance is mainly for the graphic calculator community, but is open to programmers, artists and related fields.

This is an instance for those who used to put games and hack on their TI-83+ instead of actually doing their math homework on it back in high school. Those who picked up programming because it's fun. Those who will put their favourite programming languages to creative uses and maybe make up new ones. You are encouraged to show your projects off on this instance and show other users of the fediverse what you're able of.

Mostly everything is allowed, but just keep it friendly, okay? No abuse, use common sense. We're just a bunch of nerds here. All hail the mighty walrus.

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