Wrong account, but yeah.
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@Codewalr_us The SQL server got stuck, rebooted it, it works, have fun.

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Despite the depression, I was still able to make crab rave on my TI-84
p l e a s e
e n j o y

(help me)

Anybody considered making a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for the 84+CE? dlvr.it/Qz4G07

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almost done with that game i'm working on! it's coming along rather nicely, and all the gameplay is completed...but some parts just need a bit more polish.

also, i love the assets i made for this game. so cute!

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Rule 34 of programming languages: if it exists, someone probably already made a quadratic solver on it

Rule 35 of programming languages: if no one made one yet, you have to make one and post it on ticalc.org

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