Hey, so we had some issues with the instance running out of space, so we took it down for a bit while we moved all the media to object storage: seems like it's a success and it's now F A S T E R

Have fun now :)

We're on 2.6.5 now. Development is pretty active on Mastodon these days.

Mastodon upgraded to 2.6.2. Have some fun.

We upgraded to Mastodon 2.6.1, with a bunch of new features. Have fun :)

Emails should work now, so you won't wait for an admin to get confirmed because you didn't recieved that email and you should be notified by email when something happens with your account. If there's any issues, please contact your local admin.

Thanks for flying calc.news!

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Turned this thing into a Mastodon instance, hoping it would be far more useful. The other thing was completely broken and I had no motivation to fix it until now, so yeah.

If you run a website/forum in the calc community, feel free to run a latest news bot like you're doing on Twitter. While not replacing the existing sites but adding to them, I hope to bring some activity in the community with this.

On that, have fun!

The domain name have been renewed for another year. Have fun and get the word around!

We have some issues with emails, if you just signed up, just wait a bit and an admin will get you confirmed.

Thanks for using calc.news!

calc news

This instance is mainly for the graphic calculator community, but is open to programmers, artists and related fields.

This is an instance for those who used to put games and hack on their TI-83+ instead of actually doing their math homework on it back in high school. Those who picked up programming because it's fun. Those who will put their favourite programming languages to creative uses and maybe make up new ones. You are encouraged to show your projects off on this instance and show other users of the fediverse what you're able of.

Mostly everything is allowed, but just keep it friendly, okay? No abuse, use common sense. We're just a bunch of nerds here. All hail the mighty walrus.

If you don't have enough of 500 characters, feel free to visit our sister site at CodeWalrus and join the forums and the Discord server.